Evolution Capital Partners:
A Private Equity Firm for Small Businesses

Established in 2005, Evolution Capital Partners is a small-business private equity firm dedicated to supporting founders seeking to transform their entrepreneurial businesses into professionally managed organizations. Our team of investors, partners and employees focuses on identifying and underwriting investment opportunities with high-growth potential. As a control investor, Evolution supports its founder partners by providing capital and applying its Five Fundamentals professionalization strategy, which addresses the unique challenges experienced by small businesses and accelerates their growth.

Key Differentiators

At Evolution, three key factors distinguish us from other private-equity firms.

Investment Criteria

We invest capital in micro-market companies that are founder focused and generate at least $1,000,000 of EBITDA.

Accomplished Veterans

Our team of investors, partners and advisors leverages its shared experiences and specialized skill sets to profitably nurture your business.

The Five Fundamentals

Our proven methodology provides a strong foundation of best practices for measurable, sustainable growth.

Evolution Capital Partners

We Invest in Your Growth

Testimonials From Our Partner Companies

Glenn FontaineCEO, Budco Financial

The great thing about Evolution Capital Partners is that they truly want to help small-business owners. It’s more than just an investment, they are genuinely looking to be a positive resource and take our business to the next level.

Bob AlbanoCEO, Heavy Equipment Colleges of America

The team at Evolution Capital Partners saw the potential in our business. With their help we have been able to add more locations and product offerings while improving operations and profitability.

Marcus J. MollmannCEO, Corvena

Small-business owners that are looking for a strategic partner should look to Evolution Capital Partners. They are not only knowledgeable, but they are willing to pull up their sleeves and work on the heart of the business.

Carol SappCEO, Health Technologies Inc.

After a year of working with the Evolution team, I can say that it truly is a partnership. We’ve seen a renewed energy and commitment among the HTI management team, and I am so thankful for the Evolution team’s contributions.

D. Todd Russell, DDSCEO, Empire Dental Arts

Evolution Capital Partners brought strategies and insight to our organization that helped us double in size in 18 months. We went from a company that was struggling to exceeding what we thought was possible. Evolution’s growth strategy is a clear path to success.

Mike VeaCEO, Lewellyn Technology

With the help of the team, Lewellyn implemented Evolution’s proven process for professionalizing small businesses. The resulting scalability of our business was substantial. When we sold three years later, we were able to achieve a 36% IRR.

Paul RegaliaPresident, Cascade Healthcare Services

The professionalization process promoted by Evolution Capital Partners has helped us strategically position our business to best serve our clients, employees and investors. Since implementation, we have grown revenue at existing training centers by more than 25%.

Rick SmithCEO, Axiom Sales Force Development

Implementing and adhering to Evolution’s process simply makes great business sense. At Axiom, it has been core to establishing stability, building momentum and fueling our future growth within our expanding client base as well as in acquiring net new clients.

About Accurate Group | Evolution Capital Partners

Regulatory Changes Provide Opportunity for Growth

The Accurate Group wanted to transition from a title insurance agency into a real estate transactional services company. If successful, this could expand product offerings to fulfill customers’ needs and expand the company’s reach. Working with Evolution Capital Partners, the Accurate Group hoped to develop its proprietary technology platform, create products and expand geographically.

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Capitalizing on Market Trends in a Changing Industry

With significant turmoil in the mortgage banking industry and American Eagle Mortgage’s (AEM) focus on purchase vs. refinance for first time home buyers, there was tremendous opportunity in the marketplace for both organic and geographic growth. Working with Evolution Capital Partners, AEM hoped to expand nationally, grow profits and increase headcount.

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Key Insights for
Small-Business Growth

August 10, 2023

Core Values Series: Embrace Change

July 12, 2023 in Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Learning, Private Equity, Small Business Growth

Core Values Series: Everyone is a Leader

At Evolution Capital Partners, our approach is rooted in purposeful, empowered and transparent leadership. In fact, strong leadership is a core tenet behind everything we do as an organization—and it…
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July 11, 2023 in Featured Articles

Aziza Abed Joins Evolution’s Empire Dental Arts LLC as President and CEO

Aziza will be responsible for managing operations, setting the strategic direction, and driving growth in Empire’s eight practices in Northeast Ohio. A registered dental hygienist, she started her career at…
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July 11, 2023 in Leadership & Learning, Private Equity, Small Business Growth

The Executive Key

Partner Michael Gerbasi unveils the secrets to finding the right executive using a proven process that he has deployed for decades. Gerbasi serves an important role at Evolution by sourcing…
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June 15, 2023 in Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Learning, Private Equity, Small Business Growth

Core Values Series: Return on Our Energy

As we work in small businesses, a goal of ours is to thrive in under-resourced environments where every contribution makes a meaningful impact. At Evolution Capital Partners, we believe in…
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