Axial, a social site for deal sourcing and networking for investors and companies, talks with David Knight, President of Monolith Software, and Brendan Anderson, co-founder of Evolution Capital Partners, on selecting the right partner, surviving due diligence and executing the plan for the future. During the discussion both Knight and Anderson note people as differentiators, whether it’s getting the right people in the right seats or simply backing a small group of people who you believe cannot only create, but stick to a plan.

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Jeffrey Kadlic

Author Jeffrey Kadlic

Jeffrey Kadlic is a Founding Partner of Evolution Capital Partners, a nationally recognized and award-winning private equity firm dedicated to driving small business transformational success. His passion is simple: arm and inspire entrepreneurs today with the operational leadership, capital management, and success drivers that competitive markets demand. He is a creator of Evolution’s Five Fundamentals, the systematic organizational change agent that transforms the challenges small businesses face into sustainable and profitable growth.

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