A Proven Strategy for

Small-Business Growth

The Five Fundamentals

Our proven methodology provides the tools you need to work on your business, not in your business.

Although every business is unique, most companies face the same fundamental obstacles on their path to success. At Evolution Capital Partners, we help small-business owners transform their businesses by identifying and implementing solutions that allow them to go further, faster. Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how to successfully navigate and scale your small business through the growth phase to reach its full potential.

The Five Fundamentals is a proven methodology designed to equip small-business owners with a strong foundation of best practices to tackle more complex business challenges and achieve sustainable, measurable growth for their businesses.

Accurate & Timely Financials

Quality reporting based on key financial performance indicators builds your baseline, enables sound decision-making and helps to identify opportunities for business growth.

Achievable & Measurable Strategic Plan

Our methodology allows small-business owners to strategically create business opportunities, instead of tactically responding to events.

Aligned & Experienced Leadership

Identifying and attracting the right people to the right seats in an organization facilitates a positive work culture and, ultimately, drives profitable business growth.

Transparent & Accountable Team Members

Having a clear process in place for tracking critical work and communicating progress helps to foster a heathy and productive atmosphere among team members.

Effective & Repeatable Sales Process

Establishing a sales process helps to identify and nurture prospective customers through the sales pipeline, ultimately closing more deals and driving revenue growth.

Testimonials From Our Partner Companies

“With the help of the team, Lewellyn implemented Evolution’s proven process for professionalizing small businesses. The resulting scalability of our business was substantial. When we sold three years later, we were able to achieve a 36% IRR.”

Mike VeaCEO, Lewellyn Technology

“Implementing and adhering to Evolution’s process simply makes great business sense. At Axiom, it has been core to establishing stability, building momentum and fueling our future growth within our expanding client base as well as in acquiring net new clients.”

Rick SmithCEO, Axiom Sales Force Development

“The professionalization process promoted by Evolution Capital Partners has helped us strategically position our business to best serve our clients, employees and investors. Since implementation, we have grown revenue at existing training centers by more than 25%.”

Paul RegaliaPresident, Cascade Healthcare Services

Key Insights for Small-Business Growth

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