Listening to a favorite podcast regularly is almost like having a mentor whispering words of wisdom in your ear all the time. And for the busy entrepreneur, podcasts are an ingenious way to make the commute or lunch hour more productive by lumping continuing education into your normal routine. But it can be difficult to sift the best podcasts out of an infinitely growing selection. We narrowed down our favorite entrepreneurship podcasts to the top three for small-business owners:

1. Small Business War Stories

Pablo Fuentes, CEO of Proven, sends dispatches from the frontlines of entrepreneurship in his 45-60-minute weekly podcast, Small Business War Stories. In April 2017, he covered 3,800 miles during his Soul of America Tour to produce a prolific series on small business owners throughout the Central United States. Fuentes discusses a variety of industries and breaks down the agony and ecstasy of being an entrepreneur with an uncertain future.

2. The $100 MBA Show

Weekly no-fluff episodes are packed with realistic business building training from Omar Zenhom, a Wharton business school dropout turned educator. The $100 MBA Show became a phenomenon among small business owners less than a year after its inception and has been awarded “Best of iTunes.” Although most episodes hover around just 10-20 minutes, Zenhom’s energy and optimism is enough to inspire sluggish entrepreneurs to hit the ground running. 

3. So Money

Every small business has money conundrums of some sort, and Farnoosh Torabi addresses those weekly in her podcast, So Money, which was named a “Top Podcast to Grow Your Business” by Magazine. Torabi’s expertise as an award-winning financial correspondent, best-selling author, TV personality and speaker will help you get smart about the lifeblood of your business: money.

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Jeffrey Kadlic

Author Jeffrey Kadlic

Jeffrey Kadlic is a Founding Partner of Evolution Capital Partners, a nationally recognized and award-winning private equity firm dedicated to driving small business transformational success. His passion is simple: arm and inspire entrepreneurs today with the operational leadership, capital management, and success drivers that competitive markets demand. He is a creator of Evolution’s Five Fundamentals, the systematic organizational change agent that transforms the challenges small businesses face into sustainable and profitable growth.

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