Of the mere 25% of small businesses that survive the first 10 years, just 1-2% experience growth. These abnormally successful businesses are often twice-exceptional. Not only do the ventures outlive the average lifespan of a small business, but the top 1% of small businesses also accounts for the creation of about 60% of new private-sector jobs. So, why do the elusive top 1% of small businesses thrive while most others struggle? The common thread between the most successful small businesses is sustained growth. Fortunately, this is a practice that can be learned by small-business owners across all geographic locations and industries.

What the Top 1% of Small Business Owners Do to Achieve Sustained Growth explores sustained growth as a method for small-business owners to overcome the challenges of surviving the first five years of business and beyond. Its purpose is to communicate the benefits of sustained business growth so that more small-business owners can understand and mirror the methods utilized by the top 1%.

The research presented in this paper depicts notable commonalities among the practices and philosophies of top business owners that ultimately position their ventures for sustained growth and lead to increased regional economic success, job creation and social equity.

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Jeffrey Kadlic is a Founding Partner of Evolution Capital Partners, a nationally recognized and award-winning private equity firm dedicated to driving small business transformational success. His passion is simple: arm and inspire entrepreneurs today with the operational leadership, capital management, and success drivers that competitive markets demand. He is a creator of Evolution’s Five Fundamentals, the systematic organizational change agent that transforms the challenges small businesses face into sustainable and profitable growth.

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